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The only thing that is in the way of you achieving all of the success you dream of is….you! We have designed these workshops to support real estate investors in overcoming the biggest challenges that we see investors facing time and time again, so that you can go and rock your goals!

Amplify your real estate SUCCESS with these Workshops!

Unleash Your Potential

Introducing the Mindset Mastery Workshop Series – curated monthly workshops that tackle the biggest challenges that real estate investors face every day (no, you’re not alone!). Created by thought leaders in both confidence building and career success, these workshops are designed to help both budding and seasoned real estate investors learn how to get out of their own way by building the mental frameworks to support better decision making and increase confidence.

We’re passionate about helping real estate investors take control of their mindsets and find their next level of career success. Workshops are virtual, and to best serve our attendees, seats are limited! So make sure to reserve your spot now!

Are you ready to get out of your own way?

Discover our exciting line up of workshops that will help you get out of your own way and surpass your goals!

Create a life you truly want

Build Your Self Confidence and Step Into Your Power

TAKEAWAYS: As a Real Estate investor, it can be very easy to compare ourselves to others and feel less than. We never see ourselves as others. This 3 hour workshop is designed to help you recognize your strengths, reconnect to your purpose and step into your power do. 

Create a life you truly want

Stop The Overwhelm and Find a Sense of Inner Peace

TAKEAWAYS: There are so many facets to being a Real Estate Investor. It’s easy to feel inundated, overwhelmed and overloaded with external input. Do you ever feel there are so many choices and you have no idea which one to choose? This 3 hour workshop is designed to give you a strategy for relieving stress, cutting through the noise and clarifying what’s the best choice for you.

Create a life you truly want

Challenges & Opportunities – How Can They Co-Exist Simultaneously?

TAKEAWAYS: Being a Real Estate Investor you often have multiple projects on the go at one time. Within those projects, there may be some wins but there are likely some challenges as well. This 3 hour workshop will introduce you to a mindset and strategy to rise above the challenges and create success through opportunities.

Create a life you truly want

Lost Sense of Self: Have you lost your identity​

TAKEAWAYS: At this point in time, there are many investors who have lost their sense of self, they have lost their direction and are asking the questions “who am I” and “ what do I want” and “where do I go from here”. This 3 hour workshop is designed to help you re-connect with YOU and re-ignite that spark within!

Create a life you truly want

Breakthrough Your Fear of Failure

TAKEAWAYS: As a real estate investor, there are so many incredible opportunities and possibilities. Are you not taking action because you’re afraid of failing? This 3 hour workshop is designed to help you break through your fears and develop a success mindset.

Create a life you truly want

Move From a Scarcity Mindset to a Wealth Mindset

TAKEAWAYS: What if the only thing between you and wealth is what you believe about wealth? Your beliefs directly affect your actions and they are so subtle that very often we don’t realize our true beliefs. This workshop is designed to help you explore your beliefs and discover how you can change your mindset about money and create the life you truly want.

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