Melanie Robinson

Mindset Coach for Real Estate Investors

I'm a certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with decades of experience in executive coaching. My mission is to inspire investors to harness the power of their mind/thoughts to achieve the success they want and deserve!

Empowering you to reach your full potential.

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Join us if you’re ready to let go of the baggage that’s been holding you back from achieving what you know in your heart is possible.

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Step into your power and take that first step towards achieving your goals by scheduling a discovery call with me. Learn more about my coaching programs and upcoming workshops, and how they can support you in achieving the success you want in real estate investing and in life! Transformation is absolutely possible! Success is possible! Your goals and dreams are there for you! They truly are! Let’s connect and explore what’s possible.


Wine & Real Estate -
Mindset Reset with Melanie Robinson

Creating A Wealth Mindset with guest Melanie Robinson - SAVVY INVESTOR

Leading by Example: Creating a Healthy Money Mindset with Melanie Robinson

WE Invest Canada

We are so fortunate to have very special guests join us this coming Wednesday February 15th to speak about a very important topic MINDSET MEETS ACCOUNTABILITY! As always, we strive to bring on special guests who can share relevant content at a relevant time, and this month is no different... on Wednesdays call we welcome Melanie Robinson and Jeff Wallis! Melanie will be speaking all about mindset and self development and you won't want to miss what she has to share! in addition, our amazing friend Jeff will be speaking in coordination with Melanie on how accountability fits into mindset and how we can nurture both aspects for continuous development.

Mastering Mindset for Real Estate Success

Overcoming Our FEAR with Melanie Robinson

Mitch Podcasts Melanie

Are you ready to shift your mindset and achieve your real estate investing goals? We've got you covered with our latest Pineapple podcast episode, where we're joined by a real estate investor and mindset coach, Melanie.

Building your Mindset for Success with Melanie Robinson!

Mastering Your Mindset for Profitable Deals | "Inspired To Invest" Podcast

Results that speak for themselves



Kunal Muhindra


At a huge cross roads of my investing career, a call with Melanie provided the support and clarity I needed to break through! Thank you Melanie!


Melanie Robinson is the epitome of caring she’s been invaluable in my growth & journey in real estate, in personal growth, in self awareness, in mental attitude, in mindset growth, and definitely in keeping my momentum at the forefront


I’ve experienced Mel’s coaching!!! She’s phenomenal, and excellent at what she does!!! It was an honour to be her student!! Love ya Mel!!


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Giving Back to Community

This is a for-purpose business donating a portion of everything I do to women and children in need. When you choose to do business with me, you are also making a difference in someone’s life. I am committed to giving back and supporting two amazing charities, Mamas for Mamas and Cythera Housing Society. These organizations provide vital support and resources to women and families facing challenging circumstances. So, let’s work together to make a positive impact in our community and beyond. Thank you for your support!

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