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No coaching is not therapy. And I am NOT a therapist. I am an expert on mindset and my goal in everything I do is to help you think differently. I want to help you recognize and access the power that you do have within yourself to deal with everything and anything life throws your way and create the life you want.

What if we know the same people and I’m sharing my deepest challenges with you? This is something I see all the time, the idea that investors feel so alone because we are all so interconnected. That is what inspired my coaching business, to be honest. I am here to be an unbiased, non judgemental party that supports YOU. I do not hold on to what you say, I am not focussing on anything other than YOU and it is 100% confidential – you have my word – no matter what.

My coaching program is 3 months long. It’s 9 sessions in 3 months and you’re welcome to continue on if you’d like, but they are in 3 month increments.

NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming and there are many definitions of what it is, but the way I describe it is that it is a study of the mind, a communication model where it was created to figure out the difference between those who are AMAZING at what they do in comparison to the rest of us who are mediocre. What are the differences in the way they think, the strategies that they run? And then taking that information and translating it over into our own lives so that we too can be excellent at what we do! It’s an incredible model that can be helpful in business, in personal lives, in therapy and coaching. It’s about us as humans, which means it’s transferable to all areas of life.

There is no separation between personal and business. The truth is, wherever we go, there we are. So, I am here to support you in any way.

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