Fulfilling our purpose: And welcoming support to grow

We cannot go near as far alone


Hello my beautiful friend!

I hope you’re having an amazing December so far! I am so excited to be writing this to you, as it means I’ve finally taken a huge step in my business! As we close off 2023, I’m so excited to share that I have finally hired support! And not just any support, I’ve hired one of our very own Judy Lea as my Executive Assistant! How lucky am I to be working with someone who already knows me, has been following my journey and is an investor herself! I’m so excited and grateful to start this next chapter of my business! It took me a lot of courage to say YES, but I did it!

I have been wearing so many hats in my business, as so many of us do. It’s definitely a natural part of growth, but as I enter 2024, I really want to be PURPOSEFUL in my business and why that might matter to you is that I want to be more of service to you. I want to share more helpful mindset tips, I want to connect with you more regularly and I want to add value to your life! I am here for you!

When I’m spending time doing up invoices and uploading documents to docusign or…..spending countless hours trying to make something pretty in canva…..or doing a newsletter to share something helpful with you…. it means I’m not shining my light. And I want to shine my light!!

Starting my Mindset Coaching business was literally THE BEST thing I could have done – I have never been so fulfilled and on purpose in my entire life! And…..now it’s time to put systems in place so that I can truly make the difference I am here to make.

I mean, helping investors feel more inner peace, joy, happiness, contentment, alignment, kindness to self…..blasting past fear, lack of confidence, overwhelm and negative self talk so that you can create the success you so deserve in 2024 – that is my jam!

I know 2024 is going to be a big year for all of us! And I want to be here for you!

So buckle up, because I’m going to be here by your side (with the support of Judy and some other team members that are in process) to help you (and me) fulfill your dreams and make it your best year yet!


Let’s Connect & Explore How We Might Work Together

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