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I, as always, have a few things I’m working on in the REI world!

One exciting project is developing 30 units in Victoria, BC. I have three amazing partners on this project – Dale Degagne, Colin Ernst and Nicole Fiore (Coast to Coast Homes). We are offering some very attractive private lending terms right now, so if you are looking to get your money working for you in 2024, let’s connect and see if it’s the right fit for you!

In New Brunswick, we are closing on a 7 unit building with my awesome partners, Ryan & Ashley Ackeroyed. We’ve been working hard this past year to optimize all of the building we purchased in 2021/2022 (21 buildings and 80+ doors!) and now that we’re almost fully optimized, we’re ready to start buying again! We’ve already filled this opportunity, but there will likely be more to come if you have an interest in investing in New Brunswick.

And personally, we are making some huge life changes in this next year or so, and have a private lending opportunity on an industrial property that will ultimately be Jason’s shop property. We have a lot of moving parts in our one year plan! I’d love to share it with you if you’re curious!

The bottom line is that I’m almost always raising capital! I am so fortunate to have incredible relationships across the country in this world of REI, and my goal is to partner with people I love who are doing amazing things! So, I have no idea what opportunities will be coming through the pipeline in 2024, but one thing I know for sure is that they will be awesome!

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